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Our task was to automate the control over movements of supervision agencies and to develop the automated complex of expert inspections ensuring optimal regularity and strict compliance management of the entire operations process in accordance with current rules and regulations.

Development and implementation of the automation system on issues of technical inspection as part of the project implementation allowed us to provide the Client with conditions for him to ensure strict compliance with terms, scope, cost and quality of works and materials as determined in the projects.

It was also important to understand that the main purpose of implementation of our system was to avoid doing various works and making technical solutions that could harm the object’s quality.

Resulting system allowed our Client to avoid overspending and ensure that objects are completed on time and in compliance with the project.

“GOST AIS Remote Control” provides the Client with full and transparent controls of everything that takes place on the supervised object, from works themselves and materials used to financial reporting (cost sheet evaluation).

We made sure that this system also covers issues related to the satellite transport control via GLONASS/GPS, which allowed our Client to increase the efficiency of its vehicles management and to ensure the transportation safety.

Ultimately, the monitoring system was also implemented, which monitors exploitation of vehicles, including fuel consumption, and provides for streamlining of employees’ work.