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AIS Energouchet

GOST AIS «Energouchet»

Automated information system “Energouchet” is a specialized solution within the limits of the Federal Law №261 dated November 23, 2009 “On energy saving and increase of energy efficiency”. Main purpose of AIS “Energouchet” is to automate business processes in order to comply with the requirements of the Law №261-FZ, including control of execution of the Government program of the Russian Federation on energy saving, accounting for utility expenses, real-time preparation of reports on utility payments under expenditure item №223, as well as automation of development and implementation of energy saving programs.

Tool for compliance with the Law №261-FZ that stimulates energy supply companies to increase the quality of energy supplies 
Actuality of populated databases – possibility to quickly response to information and emergency alerts
Common databases of all businesses of Moscow; suppliers of energy and water resources; contracts; energy saving events and accounting meters    
Optimization of energy consumption by means of automated management and regulation 
Report on execution of energy saving events and energy inspections    

Specification of all parameters

of accounting meters and lighting spots